Call For Special Session Proposals

General Information

The International Conference on Innovations in Intelligent SysTems and Applications 2022 (INISTA 2022) welcomes and encourages the proposal of special sessions to be held during the conference.

The proposal of special sessions aims to focus on specific topics within the main objectives of the conference. Indeed, in addition to the regular sessions, special sessions will help authors to submit papers, which can cover related topics to INISTA 2022 conference under subjects or cross-subjects of specific interests of innovation, updated research topics, current novel projects, and new advances in theoretical, and practical aspects of Intelligent Systems and wide range of applications. Special Sessions will give researchers in focused areas the opportunity to present and discuss their work, providing a forum for interaction among a broader community of researchers.

The papers will be required to meet the same standards as INISTA 2022 main track. Papers will be included and will be submitted in the conference proceedings. The conference proceedings will be submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore (pending).

All interested researchers or academics who would like to propose and organize a special session should send their Special Sessions proposal to the Chairs of the special sessions at:  [email protected].  All proposals have to be submitted using the Special Session TEMPLATE and including the following information:

  • Title of the Special Session
  • Acronym
  • The number of one special session organizer is not limited but preferred from at least two countries.
  • The full names, affiliations, and contact information of all the special session organizers should be provided.
  • A short abstract describing the covered specific topic in (approx. 300 words). This abstract has to be ended with the answer to the question: Why do you believe that the proposal is a significant and interesting subject?
  • A list of sub-topics related to the proposal (not more than 12 sub-topics)
  • Potential (or accepted) program committee members
  • Plans for publicity.
Organisation of Special Sessions

The proposal of Special Session will be reviewed by the Chairs of special sessions and the decision of approval will be provided to the organizers in less than 05 working days. Once the proposal is accepted and approved, it is the responsibility of the organizers to disseminate, distribute and publicize their Special Session (SS) among academics, students, researchers, industry, and practitioners interested in the proposed topic of the SS to attract a sufficient number of submissions.

The organizers of the Special session should follow strictly the rules of organizing a special session:

  • The special session should contain at least six (05) accepted papers from at least two different, universities, institutes, industries entities, etc. At the same time, the accepted papers should be at least from two countries. Any Special session will fail to collect this number, the accepted papers will be moved to regular sessions.
  • The special session cannot accept the submission of more than two papers, which are co-authored by the same author (among the authors of the paper).
  • The registration process is the same as for regular papers.
  • The review process will be the responsibility of the organizers of the special session and with follow-up by the Chairs of special sessions. However, the review process will undergo the same process as regular papers and the reviewers should not have any contact or interest with the authors of the paper. Special Sessions proposers can decide how they will perform reviewing process, but we encourage them to use their own EasyChair system installation.
  • In case of conflict of interest, which means if the special session organizer has a paper co-authored by them, the review should be in a strict way where the review should choose in a way to avoid such conflict.
  • All special session papers are presented as one or more oral

The duties of the INISTA Organiser/Chair of an Invited Session are as follows:

  • Decide on the title and content of your session
  • Widely publicize your session and the conference
  • Obtain enough papers from workers in the field to form a session of at least (05) accepted papers minimum
  • Find at least two suitably qualified reviewers for each of the papers
  • Manage the review of the papers using the EasyChair system (a separate EasyChair track will be provided for each Special Session)
  • Ensure the editable word-processor versions of the papers are uploaded onto the review system EasyChair by the published deadline and that they all comply with the publisher’s guidelines and format.
  • The final decision as for the acceptance will be taken by the INISTA 2022 Program Committee based on recommendations provided by Special Session organizers.
  • The list of so far accepted Special Sessions may be found on the Special Sessions page.

For any further information or inquiries concerning the organization of a special session please contact [email protected]

Important Dates
  • Special Session Proposal Submission: March 14th, 2022
  • Special Session Notification of Acceptance: March 28th, 2022

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