Accepted Papers

Here is the list of accepted paper

# Authors Title
138 Petia Koprinkova-Hristova Reservoir Computing Approach for Gray Images Segmentation
227 Dimitrios Koutsomitropoulos and Ioanna Gogou A Review and Implementation of Object Detection Models and Optimizations for Real-time Medical Mask Detection during the COVID-19 Pandemic
605 Yusuf Ani and Mehmet Fatih Amasyali A General Purpose Turkish CLIP Model (TrCLIP) for Image&Text Retrieval and its Application to E-Commerce
775 Veera Raghava Reddy Kovvuri, Siyuan Liu, Monika Seisenberger, Xiuyi Fan, Berndt Muller and Hsuan Fu On Understanding the Influence of Controllable Factors with a Feature Attribution Algorithm: a Medical Case Study
794 Pavlos Floratos, Avraam Tsantekidis, Nikolaos Passalis and Anastasios Tefas Online Knowledge Distillation for Financial Timeseries Forecasting
857 Irina Vasilița, Raluca Ioana Bucnaru, Alexandru Barbu, Andrei Pavel, Teodora Hoamea, Cristian Simionescu and Adrian Iftene Renewable Energy Investment Calculator
955 Badra Souhila Guendouzi, Samir Ouchani and Mimoun Malki Aggregation using Genetic Algorithms for Federated Learning in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems
980 Sergiu Limboi and Laura Diosan An unsupervised approach for Twitter Sentiment Analysis of USA 2020 Presidential Election
1059 Mara Deac-Petrusel An Unsupervised Topic-driven New York Times Recommendation System
1455 Merve Karaman and Salim Çınar Automatic detection of kidneys on abdominal CT images using Aggregate Channel Features
1621 Bogdan A. Cretu, Cristian Simionescu, Adrian Iftene, Andi Vranceanu and Alexandru Cojocariu Music Generation using Neural Nets
1703 Sadegh Ansaripour and Taghi Javdani Gandomani Improving Analogy-Based Software Cost Estimation Based on Nature-Inspired Algorithms for Feature Weighting: An Empirical Study
1810 Can Özbey Joint Compression of Document Identifiers and Term Frequencies via Dense Unary Codes
1932 Bekir Eren Caldiran and Tankut Acarman A Late Asymmetric Fusion Approach To Eliminate False Positives
1982 Nicole Christoff, Nikolai Bardarov and Dessislava Nikolova Automatic Classification of Wood Species Using Deep Learning
2305 Huber Nieto-Chaupis Is Omicron Belonging to the Corona Virus Family? A Physics-based Note
2351 Raul Barbosa and Marco Araújo AI-driven Human-centric Control Interfaces for Industry 4.0 with Role-based Access
2563 Guner Tatar, Salih Bayar and Ihsan Cicek Performance Evaluation of Low-Precision Quantized LeNet and ConvNet Neural Networks
2802 Muhammad Arslan and Christophe Cruz Semantic taxonomy enrichment to improve business text classification for dynamic environments
3385 Petr Skobelev, Aleksey Tabachinskiy, Elena Simonova, Vasily Ermakov, Oleg Goryanin and Anatoliy Strizhakov Further advances in models and methods for digital twins of plants
3497 Tobias Dorrn, Natalie Dambier, Almuth Müller and Achim Kuwertz A Textual Information Extraction Application based on XML Data Models and a Multidimensional Natural Language Processing Pipeline Approach
3520 Ayşe Berna Altinel, Kübra Buzlu and Kaan İpek Performance Analysis of Different Sentiment Polarity Dictionaries on Turkish Sentiment Detection
3568 Hatice Ozbek and Umut Aydemir A Novel Fiber Optical Central Lighting System In Vehicles
3599 Cézanne Alves and Agma Juci Machado Traina Variational Autoencoders for Medical Image Retrieval
3601 Bi̇rcan ÇaliŞir and Ayhan Akbal Modulation Classification on Radio Communication Using Convolutional Neural Network
3622 Kadir Şinas Kaynak and Ahmet Cüneyd Tantuğ TFEEC: Turkish Financial Event Extraction Corpus
3694 Mallikarjuna Reddy Battagiri, Saketh Bachu, Tushar Garg, Bharath Bhat, Ibrahim Shaikh and Deepak Panda Multi-Stage Pyramid Parsing Network For Lane Marking Detection
3722 Gulsah Karaduman, Ilhan Aydin, Erhan Akin and Selcuk Ozdemir Detection of the Steel Faults Based on Deep Learning
3811 Zeynep Akın and Ahmet Sayar Challenges in Determining the Depth in 2-D Images
4093 Sadullah Karimi, Annajiat Alim Rasel and Matin Saad Abdullah Natural Language Query and Control Interface for Database Using Afghan Language
4365 Elbera Allozi, Abdurrahman Yilmaz, Osman Ervan and Hakan Temeltas Feasibility Analysis of Path Planning Algorithms
4414 Jose Antonio Gutierrez Gnecchi, Wuqiang Yang, Enrique Reyes-Archundia, Adriana Del Carmen Téllez Anguiano, Juan Carlos Olivares Rojas and Luis Enrique Fregoso Tirado Edge Computing Multimodal Instrumentation For Measurement And Modelling of Soil Hdraulic Conductivity
4449 Hatice Vildan Dudukcu, Murat Taskiran and Nihan Kahraman Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) Battery Power Anomaly Detection Using Temporal Convolutional Network with Simple Moving Average Algorithm
4619 Haluk Alper Karaevli and Tunga Güngör Enhancing Relation Extraction by Using Shortest Dependency Paths Between Entities with Pre-trained Language Models
4640 Şükrü Demir İnan Özer, Berkay Ülke, F. Serhan Daniş and Günce Keziban Orman Salary Prediction via Sectoral Features in Turkey
4660 Madhav Singh Single Stage Facial Recognition based on YOLOv5
4764 Alexandra Baicoianu, Patric Stanoiu, Marian Velea and Calin Husar A Machine Learning Proposal for Condition Monitoring of Vehicle Suspension
4818 Mirjana Ivanovic, Costin Badica and Amelia Badica Role of Intelligent Virtual Agents in Medical and Health Domains
5287 Dragos Tudorache and Cristian Simionescu ElectroWay: Smart Routing for Electric Car Charging
5419 Selma Guzel and Sirma Yavuz Infrared Image Generation From RGB Images Using CycleGAN
5509 Anil Turker and Ender M. Eksioglu A Fully Convolutional Encoder-Decoder Network for Moving Object Segmentation
5610 Sarsabene Hammi, Souha Hammemi and Lamia Belguith An Improved Hybrid Method for Sentiment Analysis
5682 Sükrü Selim Calik, Ayhan Kucukmanisa and Zeynep Hilal Kilimci Deep Learning-Based Pronunciation Detection of Arabic Phonemes
6130 Amine Zeguendry, Zahi Jarir and Mohamed Quafafou Quantum Machine Learning: Practical Cases.
6271 Jihed Hammami, Maha Khemaja and Sonia Ayachi Ghannouchi Towards Scrum and Gamification based Adaptive Authoring Tool
6638 Fatih Altindis and Bulent Yilmaz Sliding Window and Filterbank Utilization on Riemannian Geometry
6974 Benwei Wu and Kai Han Fast Algorithm for Big Data Summarization with Knapsack and Partition Matroid Constraints
7160 Berkay Gökcen and Erkan Uslu Object Aware RGBD SLAM in Dynamic Environments
7354 Huber Nieto-Chaupis Theory of Internet of Viral and Bacterial Things Against the SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein
7358 Onur Akça, Gıyaseddin Bayrak, Abdul Majeed Issifu and Murat Can Ganiz Traditional Machine Learning and Deep Learning-based Text Classification for Turkish Law Documents using Transformers and Domain Adaptatio.pdf
7427 Khedher Ibtissem, Faiz Sami and Gazzah Souhail R-Secure: A system based on crowdsourcing platforms to improve road safety in the smart city
7485 Muhlis Sarıyer, Murat Can Ganiz, Fatih Emin Öge, Ahmet Akil and Feyza Nur Bulgurcu Machine Learning Based Individual Stock Price Prediction Focusing Public Disclosure and Twitter Sentiments
7568 Aristotelis Lazaridis, Christos Perchanidis, Doxakis Chovardas and Ioannis Vlahavas AlphaBluff: An AI-Powered Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold’em Poker Video Game
7755 Alexandra Baicoianu, Alexandru Garofide, Roberta-Iuliana Luca and Mihai Vladarean Structural Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms
7768 Elias Dritsas, Sotirios Alexiou and Konstantinos Moustakas Efficient Data-driven Machine Learning Models for Hypertension Risk Prediction
7833 Ata Saygın Odabaşı, Onur İşçi and Volkan Rodoplu Machine Learning Based Seamless Vertical Handoff Mechanism for Hybrid Li-Fi/Wi-Fi Networks
7939 Abdulaziz Anorboev, Musaev Javokhir, Jeongkyu Hong, Ngoc-Thanh Nguyen and Dosam Hwang Input Image Pixel Interval method for Classification Using Transfer Learning
8012 Mihai-Andrei Costandache, Alexandru Bârsan-Romano, Ana-Maria Asmarandei, Raluca-Florina Bibire and Adrian Iftene Treatment Guidance Using Sentiment Analysis
8058 Gökberk Çelikmasat, Muhammed Enes Aktürk, Yunus Emre Ertunç, Abdul Majeed Issifu and Murat Can Ganiz Biomedical Named Entity Recognition Using Transformers with BiLSTM + CRF and Graph Convolutional Neural Networks
8295 Ahmet Tuğrul Bayrak A Session-Based Recommendation Approach with Word Embeddings
8296 Mihai Minut, Diana Isabela Crainic, Catalin Sumanaru, Ciprian Danis, Ioan Sava, Cristian Simionescu and Adrian Iftene Social Media Post Impact Prediction using Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing
8352 Sabit Çakır, Ahmet Sertbaş and M.Ali Aydin Machine Learning Based Security Test Model and Evaluation for SIP-based DoS Attacks
8369 Yair Vaknin and Amnon Meisels Distributed Resource Allocation with Side Payments
8487 Naim Terbeh Speech/non-speech classification based on CART algorithm
8647 Ben Khayut, Lina Fabri and Maya Avikhana A Computational System of Psycholinguistic Fuzzy Inference Under Uncertainty
8765 Noa Bayer and Amnon Meisels Multi-agent management of Operating Theatres
8901 Reis Burak Arslan and Elifsu Filiz Enhancement of Player Experience in Video Games Using EEG Based Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment
8921 Mohamed Amine Hadj Abd Allah, Nafaa Haffar and Mounir Zrigui Contribution to the methods of indexing Arabic textual documents to improve the performance of IRS
8951 Barış Demirbay and Duygu Bayram Kara Classification of opacity for polymer nanocomposite films via deep neural network (DNN) classifiers
8983 Osman Özyurt Methods of Classifying Aerosol Types with Using Scattering of Light
9064 Juan Alberto Llopis Expósito, Antonio Jesús Fernández García, Javier Criado and Luis Iribarne Matching user queries in natural language with Cyber-Physical Systems using deep learning through a Transformer approach
9157 Bahadır Baran Ödevci, Mehmet Özdem, Ebru Emsen and Tuğçe Bilen A Machine Learning Model for Predicting Performance of Gamified Software Test Specialist
9391 Max Ehringhausen and Doina Logofatu Interactive Visualization of Ant Colony Optimization – Pathfinding on a Dynamic Grid
9505 Rıfat Orhan Çıkmazel, Alper Saylam, Volkan Rodoplu and Cüneyt Güzeliş Multi-Resolution Inter-Level Refinement (MR-ILR) Architecture for Anomaly Prediction in IoT Data
9605 Fethi Candan, Aykut Beke, Chen Shen and Lyudmila Mihaylova An Interacting Multiple Model Correntropy Kalman Filter Approach for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Localisation
9817 Eyup Cinar A Sensor Fusion Method using Deep Transfer Learning for Fault Detection in Equipment Condition Monitoring

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