Dunja Mladenić

Professor at Jožef Stefan Institute

Prof. Dr. Dunja Mladenić leads Department for Artificial Intelligence at Jožef Stefan Institute, Slovenia. The Department includes over 50 researchers and graduate students focusing on different research areas including real-time analysis of text, sensor and multimodal data, modeling and visualization of complex systems, semantic and language technologies. Dunja Mladenić has extensive research experience in study and development of machine learning, text mining, sensor data analysis, data science, semantic technology techniques and their application on real-world problems. She has published a number of scientific papers and book chapters, organized scientific events, served on a number of research panels evaluating research proposals including ERC panel. She served on the Institute’s Scientific Council for several years and currently serves on Executive Board of Slovenian Artificial Intelligence Society and on Advisory Board of ACM Slovenija.

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence Policy Observatory

Artificial Intelligence technology is gradually changing our working and living environments. Machines can automate some tasks and augment human capabilities to make possible entirely new products and services. Artificial Intelligence enables new ways to learn, interact, work and live, in many cases making life of people more secure, more effective and more creative. However, as the technology spreads in different areas of life, both risks and benefits bring policy and regulatory challenges. This calls for monitoring and analysis to enable informed decisions.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) itself can be used for monitoring its own development based on different data sources including related scientific publications, investments, demand for AI-related skills on job market, open-source software development, related public news and more. We will look at evolution of AI via OECD.AI Policy Observatory which provides a constantly updated view of what constitutes AI ecosystem and in which direction it is evolving.

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